Quality Cremation with our Compassionate Caring Staff is Affordable
We are committed to assisting all families in their time of need.  We will work with your budget.  Please call, tell us your budget and we will help you plan a budget friendly cremation or burial.  800-969-6602

Direct Cremation Service:  $530* plus cash advances

AFFORDABLE DIRECT CREMATION $530* plus cash advances.
The fee for our direct cremation service is affordable. The fee includes the following:

Transfer of your loved one from the place of death (hospital or mortuary) to our funeral home

The initial arrangement meeting with a licensed funeral director

Obtaining cremation approval from the Medical Examiner

Getting the original death certificate

Filing the original death certificate with the New York City Department of Health

Obtaining certified copies of the death certificate

Proper storage of the deceased until the transfer to the crematory

Cardboard alternative container

Transportation of the deceased to the crematory.

* Cash advance items are not included in the basic direct cremation fee. Cash advance items are additional charges that are not associated with the funeral home, and the amount charged is the same for funeral homes in New York. The cash advance items that are necessary with a direct cremation service include: crematory fees (charge for the actual cremation); NYC disposition permit; gratuities; certified copies of the death certificate ($15.00 per copy in New York City, $10.00 elsewhere throughout New York state); and a FedEx fee for forwarding the death certificates to you.

An additional fee will be charged for transfer of deceased from a private residence for additional staff needed.

Payment Accepted: Certified Check or Major Credit Cards

Please do not hesitate to call on us 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  800- 969-6602