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FuNERAL  Assistance

  • Funeral assistance for those who need it:

    DIRECT CREMATION $530* plus cash advances

    If the Decedent was eligible for Medicaid, we will assist you in getting $900.00 reimbursement on a funeral not costing more than $1700.00. 

    Funerals today are expensive and not everyone is able to afford them.  Because of this some states offer burial assistance.  New York City offers burial assistance for those without the means of paying funeral expenses if the Decedent was on Medicaid.

     New York City HRA Department of Social Services has an application for burial allowance, and we will provide the required documentation that you need. The form needed can be found at:

    Certain benefits may be available upon the death of someone who has been collecting social security. A one-time payment of $255 is available to any surviving spouse who was living with the deceased at the time of death. The surviving spouse can receive benefits even if not residing with the deceased at the time of death, as long as he/she was receiving Social Security benefits on the deceased’s account. If they meet the requirements, payment will be made to the children if there is no eligible surviving spouse on record in the month of death.

    Funeral pre-planning as a way to become Medicaid eligible:

    One common reason why people are ineligible for Medicaid or SSI is if their assets are over the resource limit. Rather than give money away to make yourself eligible, which can cause a transfer penalty it is better to find ways either to spend the money or convert it into an exempt form.  One way to do this is through pre-paid funeral arrangements.

    For both Medicaid and SSI, certain types of funeral arrangements - including burial funds, pre-paid funeral agreements, life insurance, and burial plots - are exempt from consideration as assets.  In this way, an applicant can reduce his or her countable assets while also ensuring that their wishes about their funeral are respected.  We can set up a pre-plan agreement that will guarantee that your final wishes for cremation or burial are followed.  Please call today 800-969-6602.